Clear Water Bay Village House


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Property Location:

Clear Water Bay

Gross Area (sq. ft.):

2100 sq.ft.

For Rent:

HKD 65 K


Ref No.:

This property is situated in a convenient location, providing easy access to various amenities, transportation options, and services.
The property offers stunning sea views of Marina Cove. Residents can enjoy the picturesque scenery and the calming presence of the sea.
The property has recently undergone a renovation, resulting in a fresh and tasteful interior design. The renovation has been done with attention to detail, ensuring a modern and stylish living space for residents.
The property features an open and spacious fully equipped kitchen. It provides ample space for cooking and food preparation.
The property boasts a large garden, offering a generous outdoor space for various activities and relaxation. Residents can enjoy gardening, outdoor gatherings, or simply bask in the natural beauty of the surroundings.
The property comprises three bedrooms, including one en-suite bedroom with a private bathroom.
Published / Updated on : 21 Sep, 2023

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